About Jon Sautter Films

Film is probably the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it.


I am an award winning producer with over a decade of experience. I have produced and edited films that have won at major festivals, made commercials for leading brands, worked on music videos for top level artists and successfully collaborated on industrials with top ad agencies.

I have a mastered the balance between creativity and budget through extensive hands on experience in producing, directing, editing, motion graphics, budgeting and writing.

I know what every department needs in order to be successful and plan my productions accordingly to get the best possible work on screen for the budget level. I have produced and edited over 1000 hours of commercials, sizzle reels, and industrials for leading advertising agencies, brands and production companies.

My collaboration with Big Bowl of Ideas won a 2017 Reed Award. Watch here.

My latest film, Horseshoe Theory won a Jury Award at Slamdance 2017. To learn more:

See my IMDB page.



Jon Sautter Films is a DBA of  L.I.PIKE, LLC


Los Angeles, CA

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